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This section of the SSCLE website is restricted to dues-paying members, and is listed behind a password wall to protect the freely-shared intellectual property and insights of the members. While links to external websites and their viability are the responsibility of the authors of the original posts, it is our hope that these resource pages are to be employed by the members themselves and for their benefit. While the appropriate functionaries of the Society reserve the right to intervene in cases of urgency, we pledge to not intervene on the deeply meaningful and personal questions of teaching, mentorship and research. It is our hope that, for those pages that feature external material, the content will receive updates from members as major research projects, databases, and other material becomes available. The Society has always benefited from the collegial engagement of the members and it is the hope that these pages will help facilitate further exchange. Guidelines for posting in the fora have been added to those pages, as has a subscription form here to facilitate email alerts of appropriate updates.

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