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Code of Conduct for Thesis Forum Posting

Although the functionaries of the Society expect that this Code of Conduct will be followed without ever having been formally read, the following are our expectations for participation in this forum:

1) Materials shared are shared at the consent of the author, and should be treated with the care due to others' intellectual property.

2) Discussions should remain polite and professional and on the subject of the Thesis in question, pertinent resources that might be suggested, and any other thesis-related questions.

3) Ad hominem ubique abest. 

4) Discussions relative to the conduct of research for thesis-writers intending to work in particular archives, libraries, or national collections are welcome, but should note the location of intended research parenthetically. E.G. A post about research in the archives of Burgos, should add a postscript to the title of "(Burgos, ES)" to facilitate discussion.

5) Members may post in any language, and readers are asked to offer their collegial indulgence for those posting outside their own native language.

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