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Below is a list of external websites that provide bibliographical, textual and visual resources on the history of the crusades and closely related topics. Some represent ongoing research projects, others are the completed output of (often) major research grants. Each one of these sites is responsible for the material therein.

Bearers of the Cross: Material Religion in the Crusading World, 1095-c.1300.

A website illuminating the lived, material religion of the crusaders through an examination of the texts, art, architecture and material culture associated with crusader belief. The website includes a visual library of over 1000 objects including coins, seals, manuscripts, archaeology and metalwork, largely based on the collection of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell, London.


The Crusades Project

A project looking at the influence of the crusades on European and Middle-Eastern Literature featuring on the website a bibliography of literary narratives, films, drama that take their influence and inspiration from the crusades from the medieval down to the present day.


A Database of Crusaders to the Holy Land, 1095-1149

A database containing information on men and women who took part in crusades to the Holy Land between the call to the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont in 1095 and the end of the Second Crusade in 1149. It includes information on identity, family relationships and affiliations, social status and geographical origins, as well as the relevant bibliographical references.


Epistolae: Medieval Women’s Letters

A resource that presents translations (and the Latin) of letters written by or to medieval women across the fourth to the thirteenth centuries, including those of, and to for example, Queen Melisende of Jerusalem.


The French of Outremer

From the First Crusade onwards the conquerors established permanent settlements, known generally in the West as “the land across the sea,” or in the French vernacular, Outremer. In the lands of Outremer the French language was used on a daily basis, and this website brings particular attention to French-language sources from Outremer.


Independent Crusaders Project.

A research project formed around a database of named individuals who went to the Holy Land outside of the numbered crusading expeditions during the twelfth century. This features profiles of crusaders, a dynamic map charting their departures, as well as interpretive essays.


Lyric Responses to the Crusades in Medieval France and Occitania

This contains 202 Old French and Occitan texts related to the crusades in critical editions and translations and notes in Italian and English on the historical circumstances of their composition and other explanatory and introductory material.


and: http://www.rialto.unina.it/BdT.htm

Prosopography of the Byzantine World

A prosopographical reading of Sources for Byzantine History between 1025 and 1204, that includes a chronology that gives each entry for that particular year and the associated references.


Röhricht’s Regesta Revised

Röhricht’s Regesta Revised is a calendar of all the charters, other legal or formal documents and letters that were composed between 1098 and 1291 in the Latin kingdoms of Jerusalem, Cyprus and Cilician Armenia, the principality of Antioch and the counties of Edessa and Tripoli, or were addressed to individuals in those settlements. It includes summaries (in English) of all the entries. The project is based on Reinhold Röhricht’s Regesta regni Hierosolymitani 2 vols (Innsbruck, 1893-1904).


Sources for Crusade History

An ongoing project to assemble narrative sources both in print and online for the history of the crusades and the Near East, as well as other teaching and learning resources.


Jaroslav Folda Archive

The History of Art and Architecture at DePaul University would like to announce the existence of its Jaroslav Folda Archive. The Folda Archive, housed in the department, is a collection of slides, photographs, books, and object files from the private library of Jaroslav Folda (Professor Emeritus, UNC, Chapel Hill). These materials relate to the study of the medieval world, with a particular emphasis on the Latin Kingdom and its affiliated states. Archive images and books will eventually be searchable online.


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